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PERSONAL & NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION will not collect any personal information without your prior permission. Our site is entirely anonymous and does not require prior subscription to access our services. When using our site, if you click on a link to any third party sites, you will leave We do not take any responsibility over the personal information required to use these sites, nor do we have access to this information. does collect non-personal information. This includes information about your type of browser and/or connection, operating system and internet service provider. Our site also uses cookies to analyse and improve performance.


A cookie is a short line of text stored on your computer or device when you visit a website. They facilitate your browsing experience and allow certain data to be stored. uses these cookies to collect and analyse statistical data to manage site traffic.

Using cookies allows us to improve your browsing experience on our site. We principally analyse these cookies using the Google Analytics application developed by Google Inc. (USA) to collect data on how our site is used and to detect any anomalies which could hinder the user experience. They also collect data on how you use websites in order to offer you the most appropriate, personalised services. Information relative to your browsing activity is stored on Google servers in the form of website usage and activity reports.

Data collected through these cookies is anonymous, and Google does not store specific user data, nor does it share or sell such data to third parties. By law, the data collected by Google can be shared with third parties working for Google.

Cookies are managed by your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari…). You can configure your browser to block cookies; however, parts of our site will not function correctly if cookies are disabled by the user. Some cookies are essential to optimise your online experience, and you can choose to disable or block only certain types of cookies. To do so, launch your browser’s privacy settings to disable some or all cookies. This function is found in the settings, tools or privacy menu, depending on which browser you use.

By using without modifying your browser settings, you consent to your data being handled by Google Inc., and our site collecting cookies based on your activity on our site. You have the right to access, modify or remove any/all personal information communicated using cookies (more information available on the G29 site).


Advertisements and other content can appear on our site, creating a link to our partner sites and the services they offer. We have no control over the content or links visible on their sites, nor are we responsible for the practices employed by sites having a link either to or from our site. These sites are governed by their own rules and privacy policies.

Advertisements may be placed on our site by our advertising partners who reserve the right to use cookies to offer targeted, more personalised information for the user.

Advertisements may be placed on our site by our advertising partners who reserve the right to use cookies to offer targeted, more personalised information for the user.


You agree to use in good faith. Any user who submits personal information has the right to access, modify or delete said information. To do so, please contact us at


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This document was last updated on 2nd January 2019.